Renovos provides predictive, rapid and low-cost assay for bone, cartilage, angiogenesis assessment and scaffold or molecule biocompatibility screening for regenerative medicine

Research Services

The development of new cartilage and bone formation strategies offers tremendous therapeutic opportunities in a variety of musculoskeletal diseases. Renovos offers service contract research to those performing R&D in biomaterials and orthopaedic compounds/ constructs.

Using published and unique assays developed within the Oreffo Group, Renovos provides established in vivo assays based on avian (chick) model for bone repair, using either the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) as a natural bio-incubator or the developing chick itself.

We have developed a number of alternative chick in vivo models, the organotypic and CAM with the capacity to recapitulate, in part, the complex in vivo scenario while providing an ethically acceptable framework. The chick CAM provides a unique assay for biomaterial/tissue engineering evaluation given its comparative ease of access, the under-developed immunocompetent system and rapid vascular development. In combination with the organotypic model (bone culture in a dish) these models offer a cost-effective approach prior to evaluation in animal models with the ethical constraints that must be addressed.


About Renovos organotypic and CAM research services:

Rapid sample throughput – opportunity to screen relatively large numbers of compounds, growth factors and material/cell constructs over an 8-day timeframe

Reduction in animal use – the organotypic and CAM models provide predictive ex vivo and in vivo approaches that raise fewer ethical concerns

Cost reduction – significantly reduced cost in comparison to standard animal models

Micro Computed Tomography allows in-depth analysis of data sets as required supplemented with histology reports.

75-year history of research in developmental biology and more recently in tumour, toxicity and angiogenesis biology

Diverse applications – potential to develop custom assays for specific defects

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