Stemming from world-class research

Renovos, based in Southampton, UK, is commercialising the world-class research undertaken at the University of Southampton and draws on over 50 years of combined expertise in skeletal stem cells, translational orthopaedic research and materials for tissue repair.

This pioneering work is led by our two academic founders:

  • Prof Richard Oreffo, leader of the Bone and Joint Research Group and Director of the University’s Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration
  • Dr Jon Dawson, Research Fellow and technology expert in biomaterials and nanoclays

and supported by the expertise of the whole orthopaedic regenerative medicine research team.

offering the research community new tools to create the next generation of medicines, combating the global ageing population

Our Team

James Otter, chairman of Renovos Biologics Ltd UK

James Otter


James has extensive corporate commercial experience including a range of international management positions with Zeneca Agrochemicals and led a major turnaround while on the board of Spectris plc. Over the last 15 years he has focused on the bioscience SME sector, both as an investor while chairman of Hygea VCT and as CEO of several SMEs focused on imaging, drug delivery, telemedicine and cell culture. James brings a wealth of invaluable start-up, investment, governance and commercialisation experience to the project, essential to the role of Chairman.

Agnieszka Janeczek, Business Dev Manager of Renovos Biologics Ltd UK

Dr Agnieszka Janeczek


Agnieszka has a Master’s degree and PhD in biotechnology/regenerative medicine with proven track record of working on stem cells, drug delivery systems and nanomaterials so brings over a decade of technical expertise to the company. Since then Agnieszka has gathered relevant market research to define the development and commercialisation pathways for our different products as supported by the Innovate UK and HEFCE-funded SETsquared Business Incubator’s Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) and University of Southampton Science Park Catalyst Programmes. Agnieszka will drive business development activities and oversee laboratory development of our product portfolio.

Professor Richard Oreffo, CSO and Co-Founder Renovos Biologics Ltd

Prof Richard Oreffo


Richard holds the chair of Musculoskeletal Science and leads the Bone & Joint Research Group, University of Southampton, and is the Director of the Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration. He has published over 250 peer-reviewed research articles, filed six patents and has generated over £20m as PI/co-I in research grant income since 2000. As CSO, Richard will be able to leverage his extensive professional network and profile in the field of regenerative medicine and will determine scientific direction of Renovos.

Jon Dawson, Co-founder/Development Lead of Renovos Biologics Ltd

Dr Jon Dawson


Jon brings over a decade of expertise in clay materials from initial work for his doctorate on clay materials at UoS (2007) to his current EPSRC Early Career Research Fellowship to develop clay-based applications to regenerative medicine. Jon has published in several high-impact journals in the field of regenerative medicine (>450 citations) and is recognised for his world-leading expertise in clay-gel research. As such, Jon will drive the nanoclay development studies for Renovos.

Providing orthopaedic

regenerative medicine solutions

Innovative research has led to spectacular progress in the field of stem-cell products helping the world’s ageing populations remain active for longer.

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