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regenerative medicine

Medical advances have led to a welcome increase in life expectancy. However, this has led to a rise in age-related diseases and healthcare costs. In addition to the ageing society, increasingly active younger demographics are also prone to trauma, injury or disease, all resulting in tissue deterioration for which there are limited answers.

Renovos, a regenerative medicine company, is pioneering a nanoclay gel technology platform, Renovite® , for medical applications to address the unmet need for long term tissue regeneration, offering safer, more economic clinical solutions for health systems, and better outcomes for patients.

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Who we are

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“Renovos offers a step change in tissue repair approaches with an exciting new biomaterial platform, as well as cells and assays for bio-industry.”

Professor Richard Oreffo, Director of the Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration, University of Southampton, UK

Fellow of International Orthopaedic Research

The need for new approaches

There is an unmet need for new regenerative therapies, growing rapidly due to more active younger, and ageing populations, requiring replacement tissue. By 2030 nearly 1 in 4 people in the UK will be aged >65 increasing the already substantial costs of bone breaks, resulting from both ageing and accidents. Also, a rise in severe back problems and arthritis reinforces the need to develop more effective solutions.

Transforming Patient Lives

Regenerative medicine – the use of new stem cell and material technologies – holds the promise of improving the healing process and therefore relieve pain and return patients to normal life sooner. Renovos aims to help develop and augment treatment plans to repair and replace diseased or damaged tissues to transform lives, for both active living and healthy ageing. Renovos is addressing the orthopaedics and regenerative medicine markets by offering a proprietary regenerative medicine technology, Renovite®, based on nanoclays, and unique mesenchymal cell populations and regenerative assays for the industry.

Partnering Opportunities

Our products and technologies have been refined and developed over years of academic research, rigorous testing and innovation.

Now, our stem cell products and services are ready to be used by customers.

Renovos welcomes enquiries from potential partners that might wish to utilise our Renovite® nanoclay technologies in their own biologics development programmes or with an interest in partnering in one of Renovos’ in-house developments.

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