Providing orthopaedic regenerative medicine solutions

While medical advances have led to a welcome increase in life expectancy, this has led to a significant rise in age-related diseases and healthcare cost. Trauma, injury, disease, or simply advancing years all result in bone deterioration for which there are limited answers.

Renovos, a new orthopaedic regenerative medicine company, offers a complementary range of products, services and therapeutics to address the needs of research and clinicians for bone healing that is quicker, safer and more cost-effective.

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Who we are

Watch our video and hear from our founders based in the University of Southampton, UK (UoS).

“Renovos offers a step change in bone repair approaches with exciting new delivery vehicles, cells and assay protocols for bio-industry.”

Professor Richard Oreffo, Director of the Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration, University of Southampton, UK

The need for new approaches

There are nine million osteoporotic fractures worldwide each year and one in two women and one in five men aged over 50 experience them in UK. Fractures cost the NHS over £2 billion each year (US $20 billion, EU €32 billion) and yet many do not heal effectively using current approaches, with up to 10% of fractured bones failing to heal properly.

Transforming Patient Lives

Regenerative medicine – the use of new stem cell and material technologies – holds the promise of repairing injured and diseased tissues to treat patients and transform lives. Renovos will address the orthopaedic regenerative medicine market by offering unique skeletal cell populations, regenerative assays, and proprietary regenerative medicine technologies based on nanoclays.

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