Renovos develops innovative regenerative medicine technologies
using a synthetic nanoclay biomaterial

Investor opportunities

Renovos is an exciting opportunity for bioscience investors who share our vision of innovation in the regenerative medicine space.

Our motivation is to unlock the full potential of regenerative medicine with our innovative Renovite™ nanoclay gel technology platform, and help clinicians deliver safe and more efficacious treatments for tissue repair, with the first product target market of $1bn.

Broad platform technology:

Renovos is pioneering the use of synthetic nanoclay gels for medical use. The Renovite™ nanoclay gel platform can be used to deliver, retain and safely release biologics for tissue regeneration in multiple applications, making step-change improvements in a wide range of current procedures. Our proprietary formulations are easy to handle, form a biodegradable gel scaffold after injection, and can deliver ultra-low doses of biologics. The biologics are retained and released only to cells growing into the nanoclay, for increased safety and efficacy.

Growing market and need:

Renovos is focusing on the orthobiologics and regenerative medicine markets, whose growth is driven by both an ageing population and more active younger demographics. The Renovite™ platform will deliver products that are easier to use and more effective, and most importantly safer.
The anticipated commercial and health economic proposition for the first product,
Renovite™ BMP-2 gel, is clear:

  • The safe and rapid application of BMP-2 will reduce the incidence of failed procedures and associated revisions, allowing for an attractive price point for the product while taking significant costs out of the healthcare system
  • As an injectable product, it can further expand the addressable market by facilitating application of BMP-2 in minimally invasive procedures
  • The decreased risk of side effects and ectopic bone formation should allow for access of BMP-2 to higher risk patients, which further extends the economic impact to previously unserved patient pools.

Low technical risk and easy scale-up:

Various nanoclays are already used as components in some drugs and cosmetics and carry low developmental risk. All of Renovos’ work is underpinned by decades of research by the same core team. Consequently, this has built up the skills and know-how of the team, facilitating technical success and rapid product development. Renovos’ core skills and IP are in formulation and development, and all the processes developed to date can be expanded and scaled without major technical challenges.

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