Renovos develops innovative regenerative medicine technologies using a synthetic nanoclay biomaterial

Investor opportunities

Renovos is an exciting low-risk opportunity for bioscience investors who share our vision of innovation in the regenerative medicine space.

Broad platform technology: Renovos is pioneering the use of synthetic nanoclay gels for medical use. These nanoclay gels can be used in multiple applications, making step-change improvements in a wide range of current procedures.

Stem cell products: Renovos is now offering stem cells for sale, available through our distribution partner Caltag Medsystems Ltd.

Growing market: Renovos is focusing on regenerative medicine, a sector which is highly profitable and growing fast. This growth is driven by both an ageing population and more active demographics.

Low technical risk: Nanoclay is already used as a component in some drugs and cosmetics and carries low developmental risk. Renovos tests and expands each research-grade stem cell batch before sales ensuring customer safety. All of Renovos’ work is underpinned by years of research by the same core team. Consequently, this has built up the skills and know-how of the team, facilitating technical success and rapid product development.

Easy scale-up: Renovos’ core skills and IP are in formulation and development, and all the processes developed to date can be expanded and scaled without major technical challenges.

Addressing existing markets: Renovos is developing step change improvements of products with existing market positions. Therefore routes to market are already established and the sales process will be straightforward, and focused on selling improved products, that are easier to use and more effective, and most importantly safer.

clay gel from Renovos Biologics

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